About the consortium “ALVIROAD”
The consortium “ALVIROAD” (“ALVIROAD” LLC) is an international association of industrial enterprises in Germany and Latvia, specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects in the field of road construction and engineering industries. The Consortium includes the German companies “BAU KG REINBEK” GmbH, “BAU KG RALSHTEDT” GmbH, as well as the Latvian “ALBUVE” LLC.

The Consortium Companies offer their manufacturing and engineering capabilities in the areas of:
- road construction of any complexity, including bridge crossings, interchanges, underground utilities and tunnels.
- construction of large infrastructure projects - bridges, tunnels, railway lines and interchanges, airports, ports, power lines.
- logistical and resource support of road construction - organization of a full cycle of the production process of road construction, sale and supply of building materials, storage ensuring, services and support for construction sites.
- construction of water transport and hydraulic infrastructure - ports, marinas, water stations, locks and canals;
- railway engineering - repair, modernization of locomotives and wagons (freight and passenger;
- surveying and landscaping;
- engineering and industrial design. Consortium owns large industrial enterprises for the production of asphalt, crushed stone, construction concrete, engineering structures, and carriage repair production.

The Consortium members have been working on the construction services market for over 10 years and are the reliable contractors for private and public customers in Germany, Latvia, Azerbaijan, a number of countries of the African Union.

Our professional standards
The consortium works exclusively according to regulations and quality standards of the European Union; we also have all the necessary licenses to work in Ukraine. The consortium is actively involved in the projects of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The high standards of financial planning, many years of experience in different countries, as well as the presence of own industrial base allows us to implement projects of any complexity and at the most competitive price.

Why we came to Ukraine
As an integral part of the industrial complex of the European Union, our company sees a major prospect of development of Ukrainian industrial and transport infrastructure, as well as believes in their investment attractiveness. The consortium “ALVIROD” is open to work at a local level and at the level of public-private partnership and concession agreements. We came to build German roads in Ukraine.

The Consortium is registered in Ukraine:
Consortium “ALVIROAD”, USREOU code: 40611574

The license for the construction of IV and V category of complexity of the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine No. 2013029205