“ALVI ROAD” Consortium Participants

«Bau KG Rahlstedt» GmbH (Germany)

German company which specializes in the construction and repair work in the road industry sector, as well as in the construction of large industrial and infrastructure facilities. In addition, the company performs a wide range of underground work, construction and repair of bridges, tunnels, road crossovers. It has extensive experience of work in the EU countries. The regular customers of services include municipalities of Germany, in particular, of the city of Hamburg. The company has been working since 2003.

«Bau KG Reinbek» GmbH  (Germany)

Company which specializes in road construction and multiple support of the construction works from the supply of materials and ensuring the flawless operation of construction sites to the performance of the most demanding construction works including the underground works. The company's headquarters is located in the city of Reinbek, Germany. The company has been working since 2006.

«ALBUVE» LLC (Latvia)

The company which specializes in the modernization and repair of the rolling equipment of the railways including main-line and shunting locomotives, passenger and freight cars. It has its own production premises located in Latvia. Also the company sells a wide range of construction materials and equipment. Stationary and mobile factories for the production of such building materials as asphalt, concrete, gravel are at the disposal of the company. The company has a solid experience of work with locomotives and cars manufactured in CIS countries, it executes contracts for the state railways of Latvia and Azerbaijan. The company's portfolio includes completed construction projects even on the African continent. The company's headquarters is located in the city of Riga, Latvia. The company has been working since 2010.

«ALVI ROAD» LLC (Ukraine)

Ukrainian company which provides legal and organizational support for the "ALVIROD" Consortium in Ukraine and represents the interests of the participants of the Consortium from the Ukrainian side. The company's office is located in Kiev.